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Post by Tracie on Sun Nov 02, 2008 1:08 pm

Hi members!

Welcome to new members madmum2many and angelquartz and mummy1987

what’s new!!
We still have a the competition which is member of the month,there is 2 categories: staff member and normal member of the month, you pm tracie with 1 name for each category and the person with most votes is crowned Member of the month!! come on get pming me will your votes

Buddy of the Month- Want to get to know fellow members better? Put your name down and each month you will be paired with another member and a thread will be allocated to you both to chat away! come and get your names down for this month
We have regular competions eg, hunt the pics, messy pups so get ya pics ready for these.
Please try and enter the comps as you will win points and when u have so many you recieved a blinkie for your profile

Chat nights are now on the forum.(usually on a friday between 7-30 and 8-30) Please pm tracie if you can volunter to host one.

Remember to check the forum for regular updates and News on what’s happening. If you have any problems or ideas for the forum, pm admin anytime, where happy to help!!!

Tracie , Simone, Heidi

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